Changing Pad & Diaper Pouch – Deja Vu?

I made another of the diaper pouch/changing pad combos from the craftbuds tutorial.  My sister asked if I would make one since a co-workers is expecting a baby boy.  So we went to Joann’s and she picked everything out and purchased it and then I took it home and worked on it. (I actually did it a little over a week ago).

She picked out some really cute PUL material, and, like last time, I used two different prints to have a fun “reversible” changing pad.  I used home decor weight fabric this time (as the tutorial suggested), and because I didn’t have to double up fabric, or use interfacing, it took much less time.  But I’m still not very good with the bias tape…

How cute are the little owls and monkeys?

                     DSCN1742    DSCN1741




I know the changing pad doesn’t match the diaper pouch, but I don’t think that really matters, do you?

Hopefully the mom-to-be likes it and finds it useful!  (My two cousins that I made the first two combos for love them!)

I was going to make another one for one of my sister’s friends who is also expecting (but a baby girl) and I even bought all the materials when we went to Joann’s, but I decided I want to do something else.  But I’d like to be able to use the materials I already have, if possible.  So if anyone has any ideas for cute baby gifts that use the PUL material, please share!


6 thoughts on “Changing Pad & Diaper Pouch – Deja Vu?

  1. This is very cute. I think it is much more fun when it doesn’t match, mixing geometric prints with patterns almost always works!


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