With My Reading Buddy

With my Reading Buddy – March 2013


You may have noticed that this post was missing in February.  That’s because we barely met at all that month.  We met once, then he was out sick, then he was out for school vacation, then I had to cancel the following week.  Since I really didn’t have anything to talk about, I skipped the post.

Anywho, we really finally did finish that scary story book (now I can say Huzzah!).

We decided to read the first book in the Zac Power series: a 12-year-old spy (and his family are all spies too).  They’re cute books and A seemed to like them so we talked with the program director who was able to locate books 2 & 3 in the series so we started book 2 last week.  We only have about 7 or 8 sessions left in the school year so I’m thinking we could probably stretch these two books out for the rest of our time together.  I’m glad he was interested in something other than scary stories.  I just felt like the scary stories books  weren’t really age appropriate.


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