Fabric Samples!

Last Friday I decided to look up websites where I could get fabric samples. I was hoping to get free ones, but didn’t really find any sites out there that I thought were secure – so if anyone knows of any, please share!

Anyway, I went to and was able to get some samples for $1.75/each. But with a valid coupon I found on, I ended up getting each for about $1.50 instead. I wanted to get fabric samples to feel the types of fabrics (not to choose a print for a pattern).


I’m still really new to sewing and fabric choices and it seems I always end up getting some type of cotton (usually the keepsake calico) from JoAnn’s. Sometimes they turn out to be a bit too stiff. But I figured ordering some samples will be able to help me choose fabrics better if I know what they feel like, how heavy they are, how sheer, etc. Maybe I’ll feel more confident going to a different section in the store or buying fabric online… we’ll see.

Here’s the list of fabrics I got, matching the image starting at the top left (going clockwise):
1. Designer Cotton Lawn Abstract Stripes and Dots Orange/Yellow
2. Bloom Stretch Cotton Sateen Specs Red
3. Cotton Lawn Paisley Motif Brown/White
4. Tina Givens Havens Edge Cotton Voile Walls Violet
5. Satin Charmeuse Cow Light Pink/Mocha
6. Boutique Crepe de Chine Penguins Mustard (I didn’t even realize these were penguins when I ordered it. Apparently, I didn’t read the name!)
7. Valori Wells Novella Rayon Challis Rain Gypsy
8. Blossom Chiffon Abstract Stripe Blue
9. Stretch Panne Velvet Orange
10. Hi Multi Chiffon Lacey Paisley Black/Purple
11. Cotton Twill Lime

I ordered two other samples, but one was no longer available and the other is on back order. (The back-order one isΒ Salt Water Laminated Cotton Sea Stripes Coral)

What are your experiences with fabric? Do you buy on-line? Why or why not?


7 thoughts on “Fabric Samples!

  1. This is a really great idea πŸ™‚ I sew a bit too, though not much lately, and am still very much a beginner when it comes to understanding fabric. I might have to try this! πŸ™‚


    1. I figured it would help me when reading the recommended fabrics on the pattern envelopes, and also now I’ll know what they look/feel like and could potentially purchase fabric online (where there’s a much larger selection than in a store…and I could browse for as long as I want!)


    1. Oh, I have the Joann’s app on my phone…I like to say that if you don’t save money/use a coupon at Joann’s, you’re doing it wrong — you can use between 2 and 4 coupons every visit, depending on what’s available and hasn’t expired yet. It’s fantastic πŸ™‚


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