Monthly Wrap-Up

Monthly Wrap Up: May 2013

monthly wrapup

Number of books read: 5.5
Favorite book read in May: The Maze Runner, James Dashner
this one just made it into May – I finished it on May 30. I say .5 in my completed books because one of them was a really short (few chapters, really) story, based on characters from a series I read by Debora Geary.  It took a little less than a half hour, so it’s not a “full book”, if you know what I mean. (But Goodreads counts it as one)

*Number of 5 star ratings given: None

Reading challenge progress (% complete)
What’s In a Name 6: 100%
Historical Fiction: 60%
2013 Reading Goal: 44% (according to Goodreads, I’m 3 books ahead of schedule!…and I seem to be 1-2 books ahead most of the time…side note: last year, I don’t think I was even on track, never mind ahead!)

Number of reading challenges completed: 1
Finally posted the wrap-up post for the What’s In a Name? Challenge.

Number of sewing projects completed: 0
womp womp.  I haven’t done anything since I finished my dress.  However, I did buy a book of bag patterns and I bought all the materials last weekend to make one, so I’ll get into that soon enough.  Also, I’m joining a pajama party sew-a-long (hosted by Karen at Did You Make That?) and will be working on that in early June – it’s scheduled to begin June 3. (I could definitely produce more than 0-2 items per month if I had the extra money to spend on fabrics and notions!)

*(a new category I decided to add!)


2 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up: May 2013

  1. You have to love the little half books – they beef up your numbers 😛 I always feel bad about some of the ‘trashy’ romance novels I read because I can read an entire one in one commute…


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