ArmchairBEA 2013 – FAIL

I had every intention of participating in ArmchairBEA this year.  I signed up, I was checking in on updates (the schedule, the prizes, the Twitter party schedules)… I even drafted the introduction post and was waiting until they had the link-up active so I could add mine. But I’ve been so busy at work that the last thing I want to do when I get home is sit on a computer. So, I ended up not participating at all. 😦  The event ended today (June 2), but by Friday I finally gave up. I thought I could catch up and join in, but by then I felt like I missed too much.

Oh well — there’s always next year!


(link is to the agenda for the event, and all of the posting topics are to the left on their website)


4 thoughts on “ArmchairBEA 2013 – FAIL

  1. Armchair BEA is such a whirlwind. At the beginning of the week, it feels like it will go on forever, but then it’s over in a flash… I’d planned to write all those posts in advance this year, but instead I played catch up every day until I crapped out from exhaustion… all that to say, you’re not alone. To next year!


    1. Thanks! yes, I remember last year well enough that I felt the same way. But this year I was just too tired to do it – and I had every intention of writing posts in advance too! Oh well…as you say, to next year! 🙂


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