Like I Need Another One…

For someone who never considered herself a “girly girl” and isn’t into the whole designer bag thing, I have a LOT of bags (mainly from stores like Target or Old Navy), and of course I don’t ever use them all. (I should probably go through them and see which ones I can donate, or need to toss due to wear and tear…) Anyway, when I saw Sue Kim’s book, Bags the Modern Classics, on Amazon a while back, I knew I needed to get it!

I picked out the first pattern I wanted to do, the Floral Bag (instructions and pictures on pages 108-115).  I went to Joann’s and picked out some fun interior and exterior fabrics to use for a spring-y bag:


One of the nice things about the book is that some of the projects have different size options, so if you liked one style but wanted it smaller or larger, there might already be details and instructions given to you — no need to do the math and figure out how much more or less material you would need!  (also another bonus: some parts of the patterns are at the back of the book to trace)

I started drafting this post a while back (toward the end of May, actually) and so it’s been a while since I got the book and purchased the fabrics, but I only just finished the bag yesterday. I needed to order the magnetic snap the pattern calls for and figured I’d wait until that came in the mail. That way, I would stop only because I felt like taking a break and not because I was missing parts to complete the project. (it’s always easier to have a self-imposed time out instead of one because you’re missing things!)

I chose the large size bag, assuming the small one would not be big enough. Shame on me for not really paying attention to the finished dimensions listed in the book! When I finished sewing the exterior, I started laughing – the bag is huge! Certainly something I would never use as a purse/everyday kind of bag. So fiancé came up with a good idea: use it as a beach bag! I put it to use today – we packed up towels and bathing suits to go swimming at my parents’ house. And my sister asked if I’d make one for her for her upcoming trip to Florida. 🙂 So we’ll probably go to Joann’s tomorrow sometime (she leaves on Friday morning) so she can pick out her fabrics.

I had intended to add an interior pocket – not in the pattern, but I thought that it would be a nice addition – I even cut out pieces for it – but then I forgot/decided not to add it on. The pattern also has an optional flower/brooch type thing to add to the exterior, but I opted not to add it – I didn’t really like it.

I’m actually really pleased with how the bag turned out, despite the size. But I know now to do things: 1. pay attention to the finished dimensions on the other projects and 2. make this bag in the smaller size if I do it again!

interior with magnetic snap

8 thoughts on “Like I Need Another One…

  1. Looks great! You could totally start an etsy shop if you ever get super bored and have extra time. I bought some mini bags to put Christmas presents in a few years ago and it was great.


    1. Haha thanks! Unfortunately, these aren’t my own patterns so I wouldn’t be able to sell them. But if I ever got creative enough to design my own patterns I would definitely open up an etsy shop! 🙂


  2. This looks so professional. I found a tremendous book a few years ago on how to make vintage style bags from the twenties and fourties but never plucked up the courage to have a go at actually making them.


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