Coming Soon!

So I realize I’ve pretty much fallen off here lately. I’ve been really crazy busy at work, especially because I was involved in organizing a move to a new building. A whole new building was built right near our current buildings and 600 employees were being moved in one weekend. I was a move coordinator for my department and ended being way more involved in the whole process than I thought I would be – can we say stressful? Anyway, we finally moved in last week. It’s such a great space; I was excited to go to work every day last week! (It’s an open space concept – no offices, we have workstations instead of closed-off cubicles, and more!)

But now that the move is over, there’s a bit less on my plate (even though I have a few residual issues to deal with) and I’ve breathed a small sign of relief.

So onto things blog-related…

Even though I haven’t been posting anything, I’m still reading your blog posts! (and I’m a bit behind, so you may notice me commenting on posts from a couple weeks ago!)

I’m still reading books even though I’m not posting reviews  (you can watch my read list grow by checking out my “2013” tab at the top). (and of course, constantly adding books to my to read list because of all the fabulous books you guys read and recommend!)

I just bought fabric to make the Sewaholic Cambie Dress View A & the Easy Kimono Dress by Pattern Runway – I can’t wait to get started!

And of course, I’m prepping my monthly wrap up post 🙂

And that’s about it blog-wise.

Outside of blogging & work – fiancée and I are wedding reception venue-hunting. There are so many things to take into consideration! I know that will keep me busy over the next (almost) year and a half!

How are all of you doing?


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