Knitting is Back!

So I’ve been looking for knitting projects to do for a few reasons:
1. I have a lot of yarn that I haven’t used yet
2. I’ve seen a few recently done knitting projects and it makes me want to pick it up again
3. I just finished reading a book that involved knitting and whenever I read a book with knitting in it, I always want to start knitting again
but the main reason? I can’t sit on my couch with my sewing machine in my lap (and sometimes I just want to work on something crafty while lounging on the couch watching TV)

So, after browsing patterns on Ravelry for about a week, (and adding and removing projects to/from my queue), I finally chose a mitten pattern, which I started and finished the cuff on one so far. I’ve never made mittens before and figured I’d start now in case I run into problems – at least they’ll be finished by the time I need them!

Then last night, fiancée asked if I knew of any patterns for golf club covers. I told him to go to and search for one. He found a pattern on The Purl Bee. So I made the 5 Wood Cover for him. I did it really quickly – started it last night (did about 4 inches of it) and then finished it just a little while ago. Probably one of the quickest projects I’ve done  (but still probably around 5-6 hours in total) – but now my hands are tired!

I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out (and so is fiancée) 🙂


that’s a loop on top, btw – not sure why they need one…

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