Boston Red Sox

NaBloPoMo Day 2

Topic for today: Boston Red Sox

So I used to be a huge baseball fan. But over the last 5 or so years, I’ve moved away from baseball and am much more into hockey. But this post is going to be about baseball and more specifically the Boston Red Sox. (I find it fitting since today was the “Rolling Rally” — aka the Duck Boat Parade celebrating the Sox World Series win — the 3rd in the last 10 years, I might add).

Anyway, I used to go to a few games a season, with family and/or friends. The Boston Public Library used to do contests to win Red Sox tickets: anyone aged 7 through 17 was eligible, we just had to read some books and write a brief “report” on our favorite book, and we could win 3 tickets. My sister and I did it for a few years and always got tickets (I’m pretty sure anyone who entered got tickets). Anyway, we would get 6 tickets so it would be us, my parents and we would each get to bring a friend — fun times.

I remember the summer before 12th grade, 2 of my best guy friends and I waited outside Fenway overnight (for a total of 10ish hours) for tickets to a Sox-Yankees game. We each got 2 standing-room only tickets. So 2 of us brought our dads and because the third dad had to work, one of their sisters came along — it was fun — both the waiting over night AND the game itself.

I’ve always found sitting in the bleachers to be fun because of the atmosphere (even if it was super easy to get sun-burned!).

Personally, I’ve always enjoyed going to a game more than watching it on TV, and again I think it’s all about the atmosphere.

The last 2 Red Sox games I’ve gone to were this year — (hey, wow, I just realized I went to 2 games this year!)  Anyway – I actually only went to the game because I was able to sit in the box my work gets — and that’s a great way to watch a game! The box is on the first base line and it’s a great view. It’s catered, so we get food and drinks — I definitely socialized with my co-workers more than I paid attention to the games…

Okay, so let’s talk World Series now….

2004 – Unbelievable year. Awesome! I was in the fall of my freshman year of college and everyone gathered in one of the quads — so cool. (though I still think everyone was more excited about the fact that we beat the Yankees and not even that we swept the Cardinals!) I had tinted my hair red shortly before the post season (not purposely for the Sox, but hey, we all know sports and superstitions, right?) I printed out each article from each game that post season. Because I was at school, I didn’t go to the parade that year. At the time, I was writing on, and wrote about some of that stuff. (click here to check out my post on the night they won — I’ll probably be thoroughly embarrassed by some of the stuff I wrote there….)

2007 – Fall of my senior year of college. Once again, everyone gathered in one of the quads. And again, because I was at school, I didn’t go to the parade.

2013 – Game 6 was probably the only full game all season that I actually watched on TV. And once the game was over (so late on a work night!) I clapped, watched about 20 minutes of the celebration and went to bed. No one was really talking about it at work the next day though — have we really gotten so jaded with winning sports championships?! I chose not to go to the parade today because there were going to be crazy crowds and that’s just a lot of people to have to maneuver through (I did go to the Bruins parade when they won a couple of years ago —- see? I told you I’m more into hockey than baseball now).

We watched a good amount of the parade on TV this morning. They did a really nice tribute at the Boston Marathon bombing sites. Dropkick Murphy’s were there to perform after they passed the bombing sites. They were on the Duck Boats and went in the Charles River…. and the weather was perfect for it! I couldn’t believe how packed some of those crowds were!

SO… are you a Sox fan? Where were you each of these World Series? Did you go to the parade today?


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