Breakfast For Dinner? Yes, Please!

Breakfast is really the only meal you can eat in place of the other daily meals. I especially love having breakfast for dinner. (but not every day — it wouldn’t be special if it was all the time!)

When I say breakfast, I mean pancakes, french toast, waffles (with a waffle iron), eggs, toast, bacon, sausage, hash browns… Not all at once of course, but I’m just trying to say I don’t consider a bowl of cereal the ultimate breakfast for dinner.

When I was little, my mum would sometimes make breakfast for dinner, usually on nights when my dad had to work late.  (it was almost like an unofficial tradition) She would make either pancakes (and when we were really little it was Mickey Mouse pancakes) or french toast or eggs and regular toast. And she would include hash browns, potatoes, sausage patties/links or bacon.

It was always a special treat to have breakfast for dinner because it was out of the ordinary way of things. As a kid it was fun to do something different and get fun shapes for pancakes. I remember my mom telling me that when she was little if they ran out of syrup they would use sugar instead (only on the french toast, not the pancakes), so sometimes, to change it up, my sister and I would use a little bit of sugar instead, too.

Sometimes she still cooks breakfast for dinner and I’m pretty sure my sister does it for her kids. I make it for myself occasionally, too (usually nights when fiancée is working late or, like tonight, at the Bruins game with his uncle), but not like the full meal my mom made/still makes. For me, though, it’s kind of boring/basic: usually just a couple of pieces of french toast or maybe some scrambled eggs and a couple of pieces of regular toast.

(Tangent: Thinking of regular toast at night makes me think of my grandmother (lovingly known as Meme). Sometimes when we would sleep over, she would make us some toast with a little bit of butter before bed. I remember she sometimes dipped her toast in orange juice and I thought it was the strangest thing. She was a fun lady, I miss her. Maybe I’ll write a post about her someday)

Tonight I made myself a few pieces of french toast (with syrup, not sugar) and had a glass of milk. It hit the spot. 🙂 (I don’t usually take pictures of the food I eat, so no photos of my yummy french toast)

What is your favorite breakfast food? Did you have a favorite meal-time tradition growing up?


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