Monthly Wrap-Up

Monthly Wrap Up: November 2013

monthly wrapupReading

Number of Books read: 7

Favorite book read this month: The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper Fforde

Number of 5 star ratings: 0

Reading challenge progress (% complete)
What’s In a Name 6: 100%
Historical Fiction: 100%
2013 Reading Goal: 96%


Completed Knitting Projects: A baby hat for charity
Recently joined a group at work called the Charity Crafters. We will get together periodically to make crafts to be donated to local charities. This year we made hats and blanket squares. (we meet on Dec 2 to collect all of our creations)

Completed Sewing Projects: 0
Working on making some Christmas gifts, though!

Get Fit!

Number of Gym Days this month: 1

Personal Record: When I took an equipment orientation at my work gym, I ended up lifting 100lbs in a “Romanian” deadlift set of 8 reps (and it was the last set…the first set was 40lbs & the second set was 70 lbs)!


2 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap Up: November 2013

  1. Muscle Woman! Haahaa go for it! I’ve been looking into Fforde recently and am really interested in his literary detective agency series (Thursday something?) and I think I’ll read them next year.


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