Monthly Wrap-Up

Monthly Wrap Up: December 2013

monthly wrapupI’ve decided to do my December wrap-up early since I have a few other posts I’d like to get out before year-end and I don’t want them all posting on one day!


Number of Books read: 6
I’m currently reading 2 others, and since it’s mid-month as I write this, I’m going to go out on a limb and say I’ll finish them by year end. So let’s say 8. (and that’s the number I’ll use below in the challenge progress)

Favorite book read this month: A Dog’s Journey by W. Bruce Cameron (sequel to A Dog’s Purpose whose main character made it on my top 10 all time favorite characters list last year at number 4 but if I had to pick between the two, I’d pick A Dog’s Purpose)

Number of 5 star ratings: 1 (A Dog’s Journey)

Reading challenge progress (% complete)
What’s In a Name 6: 100%
Historical Fiction: 100%
2013 Reading Goal: ~107% (goal was 75 and I’ve read 80)

Reading Challenges Completed: ALL!
I’m excited – I finished all my challenges this year — but didn’t really do much blogging. I’m pretty pumped that I went over my 2013 reading goal, and am kind of amazed that I’ve read that many books this year!


Completed Knitting Projects: N/A

Completed Sewing Projects: Initial pillows for nieces and nephews for Christmas! I don’t want to post pictures before Christmas so they can be surprises to everyone. (At this point in time, I’ve finished 2 of the 4 pillows, but 4 will be completed by Christmas.) Also planning to finish fabric gift card holders in time for Christmas gifts…and I definitely have enough time! Pictures will be posted after the holiday.

Get Fit!

I’ve decided to remove this section, but I will restart my way to a healthier me anew in January. I really need to in order to get in better shape, feel healthy/better, have energy, and look my best for the wedding in October!!!!


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