How did 2014 get here so quickly?

UntitledI can’t believe that 2014 is literally tomorrow. The year has flown by and so many things have happened (I’m only focusing on the positive): tons of engagements (most notably, mine πŸ™‚ ), births, weddings, starting our wedding planning, finally getting my driver’s license…

So with that, I’d like to share my goals/resolutions for 2014

Go to the gym 3 times a week (minimum)Β 
I can make this work — there’s a gym on the first floor of my building at work, and I have a membership!

Eat healthier
This is where I really need to step up — I need to stop being afraid to cook!

Save money/Set a budget
I need to be more mindful of my spending and stop spending money on things I really don’t need.

Sew more!
Make at least 5 wearable garments.

Knit more!
Not sure where to go with this — just want to do more!

Read at my own pace
I’m not signing up for any challenges in 2014. I think I’ll be busy enough with wedding planning, and focusing on my other goals for 2014. I don’t want to be stressed out. I’ll read at the pace I want (but hopefully slow down some from this year. As I’ve mentioned, I feel like I’ve been reading so fast and I don’t really remember the books I read earlier this year).

Blogging: Post twice a week (minimum)
My goal is to have 1 book-related post andΒ 1 craft-related post per week. I’d like to be more present on here (I have been reading posts, just not posting any of my own). I like connecting with all of you, and love to get feedback and comments on things that I’m writing/doing; especially getting tips and feedback on the crafty things I do from those of you who are so good at crafty things!
What are your goals/resolutions for 2014?

(image from Google Images search)
(image from Google Images search)

2 thoughts on “How did 2014 get here so quickly?

  1. Clearly I’m catching up from being out of town! I don’t know if you use a budgeting website (most banks have them now) but I’ve been using Mint off and on the past few years and am definitely going to try and be better about it this year!

    And YAY! no challenges πŸ˜€


    1. Haha I do the same thing!

      I’ve looked at mint (and it’s been recommended to me before) so I should probably go take a better look at it. I’ve done basic excel spreadsheet I put together myself, maybe a program is a better idea!


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