What's in a Name Challenge

Okay…One Challenge…

Okay, you caught me … I’m signing up for one challenge: What’s In a Name 2014.

This year it has a new host: Charlie over at The Worm Hole


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click to go to the sign up page

This year’s categories are:

  • A reference to time
  • A position of royalty
  • A number written in letters
  • A forename or names
  • A type or element of weather

Bonus category:

  • A school subject

I’ll make posts for each of the books I read, and link them to my challenge page as well as on Charlie’s official Mr. Linky for each category (each category on my challenge page is hyperlinked to its respective Mr. Linky at The Worm Hole so you can check out other bloggers postings and reviews)

Note: you can also get to my challenge page by hovering over the “2014” tab in my top menu bar.


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