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February Book Reviews

5. Sharp Objectsby Gillian Flynn
Wow. It took me a couple days to fully process my reaction to this book. Words that immediately came to mind were: dark, twisted, sad, psychological. What a cast of complex characters, each with his or her own issues and secrets. I flip-flopped between 2 characters as the suspects for who committed the crimes in the book and was correct — at least that they were both involved, though in different ways and unbeknownst to each other (how’s that for a cryptic comment?)
It was really well written and it was definitely a page turner (I read it on my Kindle, so a page tapper?). I read it over 2-3 days (technically finished it around midnight/1am on February 1).

6. The Fourth Bear (Nursery Crimes #2), Jasper Fforde
Another clever romp by Jasper Fforde. I love the way he takes the typical nursery rhymes and morphs them into these stories. His writing style is very clever and witty, and has a dry humor to it. Lots of puns, too, which are funny. The characters are really well developed and each have their own distinct personalities. Definitely interested in continuing to read the series.

7. Landline, Rainbow Rowell
I read Rowell’s Eleanor & Park last year so thought I’d give another one of her books a shot. It was definitely a good look into Georgie’s (the main character) mindset. Using her landline telephone to talk to her husband in the past was an interesting concept and I understand that it was a device to help her realize what she needed to do. However, I felt like it took her way too long to do it. It wasn’t rocket science and something that most people would have realized way sooner. Not a favorite book and not sure if I’ll read any of her others.


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