Sewaholic Renfrew Top

On one of my trips to Joann’s Fabrics earlier this year, I found a great deep purple knit interlock called Blackberry by Sew Classics in the remnants bin (there was 1 yard left). I didn’t have a pattern in mind at the time, but I loved the color and how it felt and thought I could figure out something to make with it.

I also purchased the Sewaholic Renfrew pattern earlier in the year. I loved the different views and how you can take a mix-and-match approach with the different pieces. To start, I wanted to try View B. (One thing I noticed about the pattern was that piece #5 was marked as piece #6 (so there were 2 #6s on the pattern paper) so I missed tracing it at first.)

After buying the pattern, I thought the Blackberry interlock might be good to use for it. The color would go really well with a pair of work pants.

The pattern called for almost 3 yards for the size I needed, and I thought that might be a lot. I was curious to see if I could eek out the whole pattern with just the 1 yard of the Blackberry interlock.

Sewaholic Renfrew & Blackberry Interlock

I traced all the pattern piece sizes I needed onto tracing paper and then tried my best to get all the pieces on the one yard of fabric. I almost succeeded! I was so disappointed when I discovered they wouldn’t all fit. I tried a couple of different ways to maximize the amount of fabric, but no luck. Because the fabric was a remnant, I wasn’t sure if they would have more in stock. I hopped online to and found that they had more in stock in my local Joann’s!

I bought another yard of fabric and had no problem cutting out the pattern pieces. It was pretty quick to sew together and I was pretty pleased with the result. I’ve worn it a couple of times.


The fabric ended up feeling a bit thicker than I was expecting when all was said and done. One change I would make is the size of the arm holes on the bodice piece. I would make them a little bigger as the armpit of the shirt is basically right up against my armpit and so can be a little annoying as the day goes on. (I suppose washing it a couple of times has shrunk the fabric a bit more because I don’t remember it being that way the first time I wore it).

When I walked into the living room to show hubby, he said “good job, babe. It looks like you bought it at the store.” I was pretty happy to hear that 🙂


I think having a serger would be really helpful with something like this, but alas, I do not have one. Maybe some day…

(side note: I actually completed this shirt on Feb 8, but time got away from me and I just realized I still had this post in draft! I just had to update some references to time)


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