Pillowcase Dresses

In my catch up post a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I was helping out a co-worker who was going on a relief mission by sewing up some dresses. Well, I finally finished the couple I had to do. I was procrastinating a bit, and then when I finally sat down to do them, I was only able to complete one as I had to go out and buy more bias tape, which I wasn’t able to do until yesterday. In total though, it probably only took me 2-3 hours to do both of them.

A little more information on her relief trip: she is going to Malawi, Africa with an organization called Villages in Partnership. She went last year and is returning again to do the same thing: help set up and run medical and dental clinics for the people who live there. They have a list of items requested (like pain medicines for adults and children– like Tylenol, Advil, etc., gently used prescription glasses, and other everyday items.). This year, as I mentioned in that earlier post, she wanted to include home-sewn clothing as well.

The dresses that I hemmed were a couple of different colors: 2 orange ones and 2 purple ones. I kept 1 purple one with me so I could use it as a guide to sew the remaining 2 blue ones.

purple fabric

They’re very simple to put together and really cute!

shoulder tie
shoulder tie
close up of fabric pattern
close up of fabric pattern

I’ll be giving them to my co-worker on Monday when we get back to work. I hope they make some of the little girls happy!


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