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June Reads

Another 2 books in June…

13. A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire #5), George R R Martin
As mentioned in my May reading post, I read this back to back with book 4. This was another re-read for me. I read book 5 when it came out in 2011. So it’s been a few years since I last read it. And again as mentioned in the May post, there was a lot I had forgotten but I wanted to refresh my memory so I could keep up with the show.

Now that the show has basically caught up with the books, I really can’t wait for Winds of Winter (#6) to be published. And I really hope it comes out before the show does; I don’t want to find out major plot points via the TV show, but as it was originally intended through the books. However, I’m not saying that they show is bad by any means. I think the producers have done a great job with the show and with the resources they have available. But I just want to be able to get the new parts of the story from the books.

This is really such a great and well-written series and you really get attached to characters (which is dangerous in the world of Westeros!). But the depth of the characters and the details really make it stand out from other stories.

I highly recommend you read this if you haven’t yet!
14. The Book of Life (All Souls Trilogy #3), Deborah Harkness
It’s been some time since I read the 2nd book (back in 2013 when it came out), so my memory was a bit rusty at first when picking this up. But I was able to remember enough to keep up with the story and not feel lost. Despite the length (500+ pages), it was a quick read.

This is the last in the trilogy starring Diana Bishop and Matthew Clairmont and the rest of their family and friends. (I did write a review on the first book back in 2013, but never got around to writing one about the second book). This installment did provide a fitting ending to the story. As with the other two books, there was a bit of action, more science and discovery included in the story. It was nice to see the aunts’ house again too. As I noted with the first book’s review, it was definitely refreshing and interesting to see a science spin on the supernatural.


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