30 by 30

30 by 30: #6 Go to Old Silver Beach

I haven’t had a real beach day in years … and it’s been even longer since I was last at Old Silver Beach. I grew up on this beach in the summertime. My mom’s family is from that area and when we were younger, we would all get together at my grandparents house (which wasn’t far from the beach) and we’d all have beach days. It was always so much fun. When it was low tide we could get out to sandbars. We’d spend hours at the beach, and of course we’d always have to get some kind of snack (usually french fries!) from the snack bar. We have a lot of really great memories growing up on that beach.

As we got older, got summer jobs, family moved away, and then eventually got “real” jobs, it became a lot harder to get to the beach. I’ve gone to local beaches around here, but none really ever matched Old Silver and the good times we had there. So I made it a point to add this to my 30 by 30 list.

I had originally reached out to my sister and a few local cousins to see if they’d want to do a beach day (I was planning to take some vacation days during the summer and thought at least one beach day would be a good use of one of those vacation days!). They were all on board, but then we never really got to planning anything. One of my aunts (one of my mom’s sisters who now lives out west) was planning a trip over here and reached out to my mom and some of their other siblings to see who would be able to meet up while they were here. It turned out a few of us could meet and so we ended up doing a beach day at Old Silver and then having a BBQ at one of the houses. It was a nice day. The sun was out, it was warm but not too hot and the water was fantastic. I sat on the beach in the shade and took a few dips in the water, just enjoying the day and the company (and I did get french fries from the snack bar, too).

I didn’t take too many photos, but here’s one!

20150711_155013 - Edited

I’m glad I’m able to successfully cross this off my list as completed!


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