Baby D

It’s a Boy!

Disclaimer: long post ahead!

Since my last post in August, we’ve settled into the house (though of course there are still boxes to unpack!). We focused on getting Baby D’s room ready and basically preparing for his arrival.

Baby D’s Room Before:
D room before

Baby D’s Room After:D room after

I was much more prepared at home than at work for this momentous event! It took a while to find someone to cover for me, and by the time we were able to get her on board there were only 4 weeks until my due date during which I could train her. And of course, you can never really predict when a baby will arrive, so I wanted to be prepared in the off-chance I went early. (I say “off-chance” since it’s fairly normal for first time babies to be late.) Anyway, we found Sam and she picked things up pretty quickly, so each day I had with her I felt more comfortable leaving things in her capable hands.

Then, the week of October 5, I just had a feeling that Baby D was going to arrive that week. I couldn’t (and still can’t) explain why I felt that way, I just know I did. I expressed this to my boss and a couple of co-workers. I think I may have partly felt this way since my doctor wanted to see me on Wednesday of that week, instead of the typical weekly Friday appointment. Anyway, around 4am on Tuesday October 6, I started feeling contractions, but different from what I had been previously experiencing (Braxton Hicks); these new ones were more like an uncomfortable cramping. So I called my doctor’s office around 9am and after I explained what was going on, they said the doctor would definitely want to see me that day instead of waiting until the next day for my appointment. And a good thing too: my doctor declared I was in the stages of early labor (!) — and that Baby D would likely make his appearance that night or the next day.

Needless to say, I did not return to work after my appointment. I came home, got everything together I needed to drop Sonny off at “school” for overnight boarding while we were at the hospital. I became very emotional about having to leave Sonny there, which has never happened before.

After dropping him off I did a small grocery shopping. Around 3:30pm, I called my doctor and he said it was up to me if I wanted to head to the hospital to get checked but unfortunately he was not on shift or on call so if D came that night he wouldn’t be the one doing the delivery. He called me back a short time later and said that if I did decide to go to the hospital he would meet me there around 5 to check me out.

By about 4pm I was definitely feeling the contractions, though they were still about 7-10 minutes apart. By that time I had called my husband to tell him that we would likely be going to the hospital. So at about 4:30pm we made our way to the hospital.

I was checked in by about 4:45 and it was noted that I was 6cm dilated, so we were staying for a “birthday party”, according to my doctor. After checking me he left to go have dinner at home and then decided to come back to do the delivery despite not being on shift/call… so awesome!

So to make part of the story shorter, our baby boy was born at 11:42pm on Tuesday October 6. He was 19.5 inches long and weighed 7lbs 10oz and had a full head of hair. We were instantly in love.

The first meeting with Sonny went perfectly! Sonny loves his little bubs and likes to give him kisses.

Baby D is now almost 8 weeks old and I’m more than halfway through my maternity leave. I can’t believe how quickly time is going by! Everyday I’m struck again that we have this little human with us. I never realized how much I could love someone. I love looking at him while he’s sleeping. He’s now starting to make faces and smile and be more interactive so it’s getting fun. He has been kind of colicky which hasn’t been fun, but I think we might be coming to the end of that (I hope I didn’t jinx it!)

Sorry to disappoint, but hubby and I have decided that we will not be posting pictures of him to social media/the internet, so no baby pictures! But trust me when I say he’s one of the cutest babies ever (though I suppose I could be a bit biased… :)) (I’m obsessed with taking pictures, though & have over 400 pictures of him alone on my phone!)

We are so excited for Christmas and all the things we’ll share with and teach him as he grows.

Yup, we’re smitten. 🙂


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