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Mom Musings: 5 Things New Moms Can’t Do Without

I’ve been following mom blogs since having Baby D. One of them, freddieandi, owned by Eve, had a good post about her top 5 things that she, as a new mom, found to be the most helpful and/or invaluable. I’ve decided to follow her lead and make my own version of that post.

As a note: I do believe having a partner and family members around makes things infinitely better and more manageable, but this post is about actual items. Please know that I definitely couldn’t do this on my own. Having my husband by my side and our families nearby for support has been invaluable.

Another note: I started this post at the beginning of December, and while some things have changed since then, I still think the below 5 items were the best things for me at the time!

So, in no particular order:
1. Nursing bra/pads – these are life savers. It makes everything so much easier. The bras are comfortable to wear to bed and while you’re on the go during the day. Easy access to quickly feed your baby is always appreciated! The pads of course are the life – and clothes – saver, by preventing leaks onto your shirt!

2. Breast pump – such a great invention! In the beginning when breastfeeding was painful, the pumping wasn’t, so I was able to pump between feedings and feed Baby D with a bottle to give my boobs a rest.

3. Baby Bjorn/baby carrier – boy, I wish I had started using this sooner! I got it as a gift from my coworkers, which was such a surprise and appreciated — and even more appreciated after I started using it! I’m able to get more things done with him strapped on me instead of having to hold him. (Mainly baking ā˜ŗ)

4. Boppy pillow – he loves this thing! We have 2 kinds, the open c-shape and a “closed” one. The c-shape was great in the beginning to help prop him for breastfeeding. It was also a nice support for when younger family members (read: kids) or people slightly uncomfortable with holding babies wanted to hold him. The closed Boppy has been great to use for him to chill or nap in. Also it’s perfect to put on the floor in the bathroom when I have to pee so I can keep an eye on him!! (He loves being in the bathroom; I think it’s the brightness — he loves lights!)

5. Netflix/Amazon Instant Video – I would definitely be remiss if I didn’t include this! I’ve been able to binge on TV shows (watched all 6 seasons of The Good Wife!). And recently, a total guilty pleasure that makes me feel about 14 again, Sabrina the Teenaged Witch (so cheesy!). When I was too tired/sore in the beginning it was a good way to pass time if I was unable to sleep.

You might be surprised that books didn’t make the list. But there were days where I just had no energy or even, gasp!, the desire to read. I like to be able to fully focus on what I’m reading and I just didn’t have that ability early on.

Mums & Dads: What items were must haves for you as a new parent?


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