Facebook Hiatus

One of my other plans for 2016 was to take a break from Facebook for the month of January. I logged out on my computer and uninstalled the app from my phone.

I’m really glad I took the time off. I felt like I was on it too much. I’ve never been one of those crazy status updaters but I did post every once in a while and shared lots of things (such as memes, other posts, article links, etc.). But I would mainly scroll through the news feed to see other people’s posts and whatnot. I realized that I was constantly clicking on the app and scrolling through (especially during the night after feeding Baby D) and I needed a break. Not to mention I’ve had an account since my college got it back in 2005, so I was long overdue for a break! (Side note: I sometimes miss the older versions of it before it got all crazy with games and all that junk)

Anyway, one of the upsides to not being on Facebook was that I spent a bit more time here! I actually kept up with reading posts from the blogs I follow and felt that I commented more, therefore participating in the blogging community. And I posted a bit more — and even pre-wrote some posts that I set to schedule! (usually I just write and post at the same time). So does that really mean I just traded one version of social media for another? I don’t really think so, as I feel there’s definitely more “substance” in the discussions here (and no passive-aggressive complaining!). I’ve learned things about people, sewing, crafting, books, etc. And seeing the sewing & knitting posts definitely inspired me to get back with it and attempt more projects! (I picked up my sweater knitting again!)

I also got into Instagram a bit more, and have started following more sewing and knitting accounts.

Though I logged back in on February 1, I am really going to try to limit my usage from now on and so far that hasn’t been difficult. I initially installed it back on my phone but it slowed it down tremendously, so I uninstalled it (again). So I periodically sign on from the web browser on the phone or computer. And I’ve found that I’m not logging in every day and, more importantly, don’t feel that compulsion to click on the app (though that automatic scrolling to the app on my phone stopped after a couple of days, anyway). I do still have my Instagram account linked to my Facebook account, so that’s probably going to be the majority of my connection to Facebook for now.

I may also take a month off each year, as I felt it went really well and was a nice and welcome break, especially if I catch myself logging back into it way too much.


11 thoughts on “Facebook Hiatus

  1. It’s such a great thing to do! I usually fast FB for Lent each year and take a month off later in the year. At other times I try to limit usage as much as possible – I use it a certain amount for work. I decided to follow heaps more blogs this year – Hi 😊- because I like to read and see interesting things and I was trying to use FB for that and it was neither of those.

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  2. It’s so difficult. I use it in such a sparing way (rarely on it other than to check notifications and to push blog/instagram stuff through), but when I run into trouble is events. When people disappear and I do something (aka birthday party/game night) and forget to invite them because they’re not on there I feel guilty momentarily. But then I’m like, can’t you just learn self-restraint and not be on it all the time!? Talk about a dual-edged sword.

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  3. I have often taken breaks in FB. What I do is change the password to a ‘long-unrememberable’ one with numbers, letters and characters. I write it down in my diary. The next time I wanna log in I cannot remember it. By the time I think whether I sould consult the diary the temptation wears off


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