Christmastime is Here…

As I type, Dom is napping and I have Christmas music playing from the Music OnDemand channel. Sonny is also snoozing on the couch next to me. Yes, this is a nice way to spend a little bit of time.

We started decorating the house a few days after Thanksgiving. Usually, we put our (fake, pre-lit) tree up the day after Thanksgiving, but this year we decided to get a real tree. We went to a farm in Boxford and found our tree. I was fairly excited as I had never picked out a real tree before.

Ready to get home!

When we got home, we set up the tree in the base with plenty of water and let it settle. (It ended up sitting in the house undecorated for almost a week).

Our naked tree waiting for its decorations

I think it was about a week later that I was finally able to get decorating. When I was little, my grandmother did a collection of Danbury Mint gold ornaments for each kid (one kid per year). My  mom carried that on for me for a little bit, so I have 3 full sets (a dozen in each set), plus each year’s specialty/bonus ornament. However, I end up only putting a few of those on each year since I’ve moved out. Between my ornaments, Mark’s from when he was growing up, and the ones we pick out together each year, our tree is becoming eclectic, but I love it. We decided that we will get ornaments from any place that we might travel to, and each year we’ll pick out one from the Hallmark store. We still need to pick this year’s out!


This was the first year I had to wrap lights around a tree, and let me tell you, my (self-diagnosed) OCD wouldn’t let me do it once and be happy, I had to constantly make adjustments, with both the lights and the placement of the ornaments– I still catch myself making tweaks here and there. (Don’t worry, I’ve fixed that odd blank space since I took this picture; you can see the better placement in the next picture).

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been wrapping presents and setting them up underneath the tree. I’m almost certain that each present under the tree will have between 1 & 300 pine needles stuck in the wrapping somewhere (the gift bags have a good chance of having around 300). Despite all of the falling needles and sweeping I do everyday, it makes me happy to look at it. (the tree looks slightly tilted in this next picture, but I promise it’s not; it’s just where/how I was standing when I took the picture.) And of course, there’s nothing like the smell of a real tree! (the sprays/candles/etc. make a good effort, but there is always something missing).

Ready for Christmas!

We have just a few more items to get/wait for (thank you, Amazon Prime!), and then we’re all done! I get so excited to give presents to the recipients. I can’t wait until Sunday!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that you get to spend it with all of your loved ones.


One thought on “Christmastime is Here…

  1. Your tree looks lovely! I have a collection of Hallmark ornaments I was given each year, so we have that, plus ornaments for the kids each year, then stuff they’ve made. There’s no theme or whatever as some do, but definitely represents our family pretty well.


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