Back to the Classics

Hosted by: Sarah Reads Too Much

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Any 19th Century Classic: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Robert Louis Stevenson

Any 20th Century Classic: The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett

Reread a classic of your choice: Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte (one of my favorite books of all time!)

A Classic Play: Pygmalion, George Bernard Shaw

Classic Mystery/Horror/Crime Fiction: The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Charles Dickens

Classic Romance: The Rainbow, D.H. Lawrence

Read a Classic that has been translated from its original language to your language: The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexandre Dumas (translated by Robin Buss)

Classic Award Winner: Gone With The Wind, Margaret Mitchell (Won the Pulizter in 1937)

Read a Classic set in a Country that you (realistically speaking) will not visit during your lifetime: Peter Pan, by J. M. Barrie (my favorite animated Disney movie…I’m ashamed to say I’ve never read it!)

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