30 by 30

In no particular order here is my 30 x 30 list!

All items will be linked to a post.
Blue – completed
Red – not completed

1. Buy a house
2. Pay off 2 student loans
3. See a play on Broadway
4. Spend a weekend in NYC
5. Have a girls’ weekend
6. Go to Old Silver Beach
7. Go on a yoga retreat
8. Travel to somewhere I’ve never been
9. Go to D.C.
10. Take a cooking class
11. Get a new tattoo
12. Take a glassblowing class
13. Lose 15 pounds
14. Cut 5 min off my Calle’s Miracle Run 5k time
15. Knit a sweater
16. Sew 3 articles of clothing (that I will actually wear!)
17. See ZooLights at the Stone Zoo
18. Take a train ride through the White Mountains
19. Go to a drive-in
20. See a band at the House of Blues
21. Be in a book club with friends
22. Do a Picture-a-Day Challenge (November 20, 2014 – November 19, 2015)  (links to album)
23. Volunteer with animals
24. Make homemade pasta
25. Take an outdoor fitness class
26. Take a boxing class
27. Have a movie marathon day
28. Make a pie from scratch
29. Spend a dog-friendly weekend in NH (hotel, train ride, hiking, etc.)
30. Spend a day “unplugged” = no technology!


3 thoughts on “30 by 30

  1. No technology = amazing, although I would definitely recommend not doing it somewhere incredibly beautiful or exciting like I did – it was rough not being able to immediately write about or take pictures of how beautiful it was, but worth it.

    Also, was your last tattoo in the Boston area? Any recommendations on artists/parlors? It’s one of my last 10 and I’m anxious about it.


  2. Re: no technology — I know! That’s one I’m going to have to actually plan out!

    Re: tattoo — all of mine (I have 4) have been done by my husband’s cousin, but he lives in France so that doesn’t help you! (I got one done in France when we went to visit him after I graduated college, but the others were done when he came home to visit and brought his equipment). So unfortunately, I don’t really know any locals. As long as it’s a reputable, clean place, you should be in good hands .. figuratively and literally. I can ask other friends to see who they’ve used locally and let you know what I hear back!


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