Playing Catch Up

Hi readers!  (Can I still call you that, do you still read my few sporadic posts?)

Well, life and work have certainly been very busy! So much going on that I’ve really neglected this blog, and I know I’ve said that quite a few times over the last year and a half or so.

Warning: there are no pictures in this post just some recapping, please forgive me ūüôā

I haven’t made a ton of headway on my 30 x 30 list (not really surprised, to be honest, but a little bummed). I still have a few months to go (about 7) so I’m sure I can accomplish some of them! — Although I’m realizing I really don’t need to put an “expiration date” on when I want to do things, I thought it would be fun to kind of challenge myself. (But I’ve basically given up on the picture a day challenge, unfortunately — it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be!) So I think I’ll end up still trying to accomplish these items, even it takes me beyond my 30th birthday.


It’s actually been a slow reading year for me so far, only 10 books, and none finished yet this month! (I just posted my mini reviews for the February books and am drafting the March books). I find that I’m just not really into the books I’ve been picking up. I haven’t requested any e-books from the library in quite some time and some of the books I did request I never got to before they needed to returned. So unlike me!

I did start re-reading book 4 of A Song of Ice and Fire since the new season started on Sunday, so I hope to have at least that finished by the end of the month!

I am still participating in the volunteer reading with my work though due to all the snow storms we had at the beginning of the year we haven’t read nearly as frequently as in past years. I believe the program ends by the end of next month for this school year.

Another area I’ve neglected — much more than reading! A co-worker of mine does relief missions each year and is doing another one this year. This time, she decided she wanted to make little dresses for the girls there (as well as dresses and skirts for the adult women). She asked if I’d like to help out and of course I said yes. She gave me a few dresses that were partially complete (I finished the hemming) and then also gave me a couple of dresses that were cut out but needed to be assembled. I need to finish those. (I have a little time as she leaves in about a month). I didn’t take any pictures of the other dresses since I didn’t really do much with them, but I’ll take pictures of the ones I sew together.

I started catching up on blog reading and a number of the blogs I follow are about sewing. It really inspires me to get into it again, so I’m hoping I’ll actually jump into things sooner rather than later. I am planning to make one of the diaper pouch/changing pad combos for my new nephew (he’s a week old today!) but need to pick up a few more things before I can get started. I’m hoping to get to the store this weekend.

Not much progress here, either. I had started knitting my first sweater a while back, but had to rip it out and start over (luckily I wasn’t that far into it), which I did the other day, so hopefully I’ll keep up the momentum.

Work was crazy hectic for the first quarter. I got a promotion, which I am super pumped about. I’m still in the same department and have the same manager, but now I have a different focus and have more projects to work on and more responsibilities in some areas, so it’s exciting!

We had a big 2-day off-site meeting at the end of March which I helped to plan and that really took up so much of my time. (We had really started some minor details before the end last year, but the real focus was January through March). I was so relieved when it was over! It went really well and everyone liked the venue, the topics, the presentations, etc. I even gave a presentation! It was my first real presentation to an audience of 100+ people at work, so I was nervous, but I think I did alright. (I got some good feedback from some of the attendees, so I feel pretty confident saying it went well!)

We’re still really busy of course, and I’m taking a certification course to earn my Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma (a process improvement methodology), so it’s not just coasting along now that the meeting is over.

Lots of things going on in life right now, some I’m not prepared to go into detail about yet, but will eventually! My sister just had her 3rd baby, a perfect little boy! He’s sooo cute. As mentioned above he’s a week old today, which is hard to believe already!¬†One of my cousins is due in a few weeks (also a little boy) and we’re excited to meet him, too!

We’re still house hunting, not too seriously yet, but still want to get a house before the year is out. (any advice for first time home-buying is appreciated!)

So I guess that’s basically it right now. I’m hoping to have more regular postings soon. (I know I say that often, too)

Historical Fiction Challenge · What's in a Name Challenge

2013 Challenges

So I know I did a pretty crappy job with my reading challenges this past year.¬† This was something new for me, so¬†I’m¬†just chalking it up to¬†a learning experience.

I’ve decided to sign up for two challenges and create my own personal challenge (aside from my year reading goal of 75).

First, my personal reading¬†challenge is to read the first 15 books added to my Goodreads¬†“to read” queue.¬† You can see my page on that here.

I’ve decided to sign up for two of the challenges that I participated in last year: What’s In a Name & The Historical Fiction Challenge.

What’s In a Name is still hosted by Beth Fish Reads and it requires 6 books (6 different categories)¬†to complete the challenge.

The Historical Fiction challenge is once again hosted by¬†Historical Tapestry (by the way, have you seen their layout?¬† I haven’t been on there in a while so I don’t know¬†how long it’s looked like it does,¬†but it looks great!).¬† Anyway, they created different levels and I’ve chosen the Renaissance Level, which is 10 books to be completed throughout the year.

Right now, I think those are good enough for me to do.¬† I won’t feel as pressured and I’m sure I’ll find books that overlap (though I’ll have to double check the rules to see if they allow overlaps, but I think they did last year, so I’m sure it’s the same for 2013).

You can see the buttons for these challenges to the right.¬† I’ll be posting the challenge sign-up posts during this week.

I also plan to do more non-book posts in 2013 (be on the lookout for some sewing things!)


Musings (Random Post #5)

I started this blog back in October, but really didn’t get into using it until a little while after that. ¬†My initial intention was to use it for book reviews and discussions and basically to share what I’m reading with others. ¬†The more I post, the more I feel like writing about things other than books. ¬†So from time to time I may post some random, non-book related things, so just bear with me. ¬†Maybe by beginning to write more about myself, I’ll hone my writing skills and will be able to write better reviews. Who knows?

I’ve always felt that I’m not really interesting enough to write about myself. ¬†Granted, I started a livejournal back in 2003 and wrote in it¬†frequently about (usually) mundane activities all throughout high school and college. ¬†It’s funny to look back at some of those posts and see how na√Įve and young I was. ¬†Or how I thought and acted (or reacted) in certain situations. ¬†All a part of growing. ¬†I’ve been told and have come to realize that I have a really good memory and while most of those events (or non-events as the case may be) could have been forgotten by now, my teenage self obviously thought they were worthy of being recorded and therefore aren’t forgotten. ¬†Reading back on vacations and even those everyday activities helps me remember where I can from and what has made me who I am today. ¬†Granted, most of those posts weren’t gems by any means, but that was me then and I wouldn’t change her for anything.

I’m going through the good ol’ livejournal and I was even posting up until last summer (here is a post about a few books I read last summer). ¬† I posted stuff about knitting on there as well and even joined a knitting community there. ¬†The last few posts (or posts after a long period of inactivity) start with “So I was re-reading old posts….” ¬†or “It’s been a while since I last posted…” and I would talk about whatever I had mentioned in those earlier posts or re-capped since the last time I posted. ¬†Sometimes there were months and months that went by between posts…especially after I left school and was not on a computer daily.

Check out the livejournal sometime if you want. It might be good for a laugh.


And now for something completely different…

I’ve been browsing and reading a lot of different, random blogs and I must say I’m super jealous of the writing ability…and more specifically, the humor in the writing. ¬†I never imagine myself to be very funny (maybe once in a while I might accidentally be funny) and I envy anyone who is naturally funny. ¬†I’m the type of person who would think of something funny to say hours (even days) later…not so funny if you’re thinking about it.

Anyway, I wanted to share the links to some of the blogs I’ve been reading that actually made me laugh out loud (or giggle) and lament that I will probably never write blog posts like that. ¬†Granted, my two blogs are very specific to my two biggest hobbies and if I want to stay true to them, I’ll only be posting about books (this blog) ¬†and knitting.

I guess I just wanted to take a moment to verbally wish that I was funnier and a better writer who could make everyday life seem interesting.

Without further ado, here are some of the blogs I was reading (a few of these I just read for the first time today):


Also, a high five to you if you know where the title for this post came from.


Happy Reading!