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Sunshine Award

I recently received the Sunshine Award from Kelly at reading with analysis.  Thanks so much Kelly!!

The Sunshine Award in given by bloggers to other “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.” (thanks for the definition Kelly).

As with most of the other blog awards out there, this one has a few rules…

  1. Thank the person who gave me this award in a blog post.
  2.  Answer the questions listed below.
  3. Pass on the award to 10 deserving and inspiring bloggers, inform them, and link to their blogs.

The questions:

  1. Favorite Color:  I’d say blue, but sometimes I go through phases where I appreciate other colors. I think the time of year may have an effect on that.
  2. Favorite Animal:  Wolves & penguins (I have a penguin tattoo :))
  3. Favorite Number:  11
  4. Favorite Drink:  Non alcoholic: water, alcoholic: frozen mudslides, yum!
  5. Facebook or Twitter:  I’ve had Facebook since 2005 when my college first got access to it (that was back when you needed a college email address to set up an account…about a year after it was created).  Now it’s just one of those things that I check occasionally (but I do think it’s a bit out of control).  As for Twitter I didn’t use it for the LONGEST time, didn’t see the point.  But I find it useful for promoting my blog, so that’s my primary reason.
  6. Your Passion:  Life, family.  I love to read and create things (I do some basic knitting and I’m learning how to sew)
  7. Giving or getting presents:  I love giving presents.  One of my favorite things around Christmas is wrapping presents to give!  Sometimes, for birthdays, I get too excited if I know the person is going to love the gift and tend to give it to them before their birthday…
  8. Favorite Day:  Saturday (
  9. Favorite Flowers:  Sunflowers and gerbera daisies

The new recipients:

1. Snobbery
2. Shhh…Mommy’s Blogging…
3. Love and a Six-Foot Leash
4. Red Lips and Academics
5. Adventures in Borkdom
6. The Oddness of Moving Things
7. Mrs. Pea’s Perspectives
8. Highest Form of Whit
9. Should Be Reading
10. Second Lunch

All of these blogs have inspired me with my blog in their own ways and helped me to better my blog.  So thank you, to each of you!

There are many other blogs out there that are fun and interesting to read, too!  Have fun exploring the blogosphere!!

9 thoughts on “Sunshine Award

  1. Thanks so much for the award!

    My answers:
    1.Favorite Color: Denim Blue
    2.Favorite Animal: Cat
    3.Favorite Number: 17
    4.Favorite Drink: Coca-Cola Classic
    5.Facebook or Twitter: I have both (@ShouldBReading).
    6.Your Passion: Books & Reading
    7.Giving or getting presents: Honest answer = Both
    8.Favorite Day: Wednesday (day off / home alone / Bible study in evening)
    9.Favorite Flowers: Roses & gerbera daisies



    1. Thanks for sharing 🙂 It must be nice to have a day off during the week! If I could work a 4-day week, I would work Tuesday-Friday. I would much rather have a Monday off than a Friday!


  2. Awww! I don’t know that I’ve ever felt inspiring before. Thank you! I have to do a post with a bunch of these I’ve been lazy about. Maybe tomorrow.

    Seriously, thank you Danielle. It’s been a long week and this gave me a happy. ❤


  3. Thanks! I agree with MizB – not sure I’m all that inspiring, but I like to think that we all work collectively to help each other out and offer suggestions/tips which always come back a hundred fold from others to help us out when we need it 🙂


    1. Well you both are in your own ways. And we can bounce ideas off of each other and initiating interesting debates and discussions is a great way to be inspiring!


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